The Central Italian railway was selected as Places I Love - FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano ETS, The National Trust for Italy, achieving significant consent with 8.560 votes.

Following this important result, Riattivati took part in the Places I Love FAI - Intesa Sanpaolo valorisation competition, which it won.

The main goal of the project is the territorial valorisation of the stations along the route of the Central Italy Railway, through the installation of multilingual information panels with a QR code applied, in order to benefit from further information on an online landing page dedicated to the station in question. This, in order to promote knowledge of the surrounding municipalities and encourage visitors to discover the area.

For each station involved in the project, a date was planned for the unveiling of the panel. According to the following timetable with the names of the 16 railway stations:

• Rieti – L’Aquila: 1/06/24 with press conference
• Sulmona: 15/06/24
• Terni: 22/06/24
• Antrodoco Centro: 6/07/24
• Marmore: 20/07/24
• Pratola: 3/08/24
– Antrodoco-Borgo Velino: 24/08/24
• Raiano: 7/09/24
• Castel Sant’Angelo: 21/09/24
• Molina: 5/10/24
• Cittaducale: 9/11/24
• S. Demetrio De’ Vestini: 23/11/24
• Contigliano: 7/12/24
• Paganica: 14/12/24
• Greccio: 21/12/24

Project by Riattivati Youth Cultural Association 

With contributions from: FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano ETS, INTESA SANPAOLO, Rotary Club Rieti 

Thanks To the promotion comittee: Amici di Rieti, Associazione Culturale Giovanile Riattivati,  Rotary Club Rieti e Associazione Collezionisti “Sabatino Fabi”


Project coordination: Lavinia Pinzari
Territorial contact person: Edoardo Palazzetti
Editing of panel texts and landing pages in Italian: Enzo Marzi, Greta Cingolani
English translations: Antonio Spadoni, Lisa Cintia
Creative direction & graphic design: Yeodit Pace 
Call design: Maria Elisa Nobili